الجمعة، 6 يناير 2012

Everything is possible if

There are 3 days before the exam ,,, GREAT ! because that means that I don't have to spend much time studying ;D 

As usual , I spent the 1st day reading and browsing the internet but finally I felt bored and I decided to watch a movies .

I turned my laptop on and played : " Kung-Fu Panda 2 " . I still remember the 1st part of that move . It was so funny . The 2nd part is great too , actually there was a specific word repeated in that movie ,,, it was " INNER PEACE " and here are some of the statements that I liked so much .

The teacher said to the panda : " Remember, Everything is possible if you have inner peace "
" Forget the Past ,, It is the rest of the story ,,, who you chose to be ,,, so Who Are You , Panda ?"

I went on watching the movie and the end of it was the panda found " THE INNER PEACE "
BUT ,,, what is inner peace ?
the panda told me the answer at the end of the movie . He said : " I found inner peace because I found who I am . past pains don't matter because the only thing that matters is that you chose to be ! "

                             FORGET THE PAST
                                                            FORGET THE PAST

Because the only thing that matter is that you chose to be !

It's a truth that we don't learn from school or college only because we sometimes learns a lot from movies specially kids movies because they often tell us what we weren't told before .
They encourage us to know who we are and to understand life ,that's why I always like to watch animations movies more than anything else ;D

When I finished watching it , I started to think how can I find inner peace or in another way how can I find who I am because I really miss being me !!!

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