الجمعة، 22 يونيو 2012

To be or not be !

" To be or not to be ,,, This is the question "

 We used to say it as a kind of joking , maybe because we used to hear it in movies and cartoons .

Actually I believe that our world now is divided into 2 kinds of people : human & non-human

To be a HUMAN is to respect others
To be a HUMAN is to help others if they need you
To be a HUMAN is to is to respect the humanity of other humans 

and unfortunately many humans in this world aren't humans indeed !!

Now being a human means that you're able to work hard , earn money , graduate successfully to increase your county income !!!

It doesn't matter if you're ill or you don't feel good 
it doesn't matter if you're treated badly
It doesn't matter if they use injustice& violence just to achieve what they want and need .

So it is very Logic to see The USA which calls itself the County of Freedom and Human Rights don't do 
 anything to the Syrian children that die everyday in front of their mothers !!

when it comes to our islamic countries , The west is Deaf , Blind & speechless
And they might call you a terrorist  just because you demand Freedom and Justice in your country !

Palestine , Syria , Iraq ,,,, etc are examples !

Your Soul isn't important if you 'll give me oil , metals or gold !!
As things these days are more important than a human !!

Look at the eyes of a Palestinian Guy , Do they look really terrorists ?
what if you know that he has nothing but a small stone against  your giant tanks ?

To be Silent is as bad as being a murderer 
If you sleep in silence , it means that you don't differ from the criminal or the murderer !

This photo isn't in Paletine
and the murderer isn't a jewish

This photo is in Syria
and The Murderer in from The Syrian Army !!

The Syrian Army that didn't & won't shoot a bullet on the Israeli Arym in Golan

A mother & her child were killed by the Syrian Army 
What did that Child do to you, Al Asad , to kill her ?

She is a small girl that doesn't understand politics or know violence !
She only knows that She loves her mother and wants to live a happy life in her country 

but ,, unfortunately you killed her before she could do so!

Everyday , While you 're busy watching Tv or shopping
Syrian huamas are being killed by those criminals

Just because they demand Freedom !

Now ,,,

As the Question is to be a human or not to be ,,, What have you decided to choose ??


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